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Street show and unconventional spaces:  25 minutes.

Scenic show: 55 minutes.


Premiered on may 23,  2016 in Cuarta Pared - Madrid

But how can it be a mistake not to have to wash my hands after touching him?

Normally when I get obsessed with something I see germs getting into my skin.

I see myself being hit by an infinite row of cars, and this!

was the The first beautiful thing I had stuck in.

Now I just leave the door without closing .....

I leave the lights on ...


Solo that talks about OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

My interest in this proposal is to transmit that obsession that basically all human beings have. How can someone fall in love with our greatest faults and at the same time, are those defects those that separate them too? I immerse myself in a story about someone who is lost in their obsessions. The control as a starting point.

Choreography and performer

Victoria P.Miranda



Alva Noto, Mayte Martin, Loscil, Emptyset, William Christie



Cyril Wiker

Lighting Design

David Picazo

Graphic Design

Manu Lago

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