Victoria P. Miranda + Los Innato


Show and unconventional spaces: 15 minutes.

October 2015 premiere in France, Festival Voretx.


We are water that comes off the sky. We are the body suspended in the air that transforms into liquid. The whisper of the night that lulls the dream that falls to the ground and water the memories ... We abandon ourselves to the air, we let go of the body and we simply fall.


Direction, Choreography and interpretation:

Victoria P. Miranda and Marko Fonseca



Scaffolding School of Movement and National Dance Company-Costa Rica



Nik Bartsch's, Jose González


Show for the National Dance Company of Costa Rica

Premiere April 21, 2016 - Teatro de la Danza CENAC


"El7" an allegory to the soul. It is a bridge number between the soul and the flesh. The body, the soul, the memories ... but in the end we are only flesh, flesh from the entrails!


Choreography for the María de Ávila Superior Conservatory, 2016


Piece for 7 interpreters


For the laboratory of the 180 School. Madrid

Premiere 2017

“…5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Fuck!


Piece created for 16 students of the University.


Based on the book: ANATOMY OF FEAR by Juan Antonio Marina


For the DAR School of deSankt Petersbug- Russia

Premiere in november, 2017


Work about ESPINOZA


For the National School of the Sodre Montevideo Contemporary Division. For second year students 2016.


"Push me that I love it...! "


For the Dance Conservatory of  Alicante.

Premiere on June, 2018


"And who did not want to be a superhero? "


For DANTZAZ Company

Premiere on december, 2017

"To all those who remained firm before their ideals, tastes and all kinds of reasons that make us differentiate ourselves from others. If we are rare, it means that we are different, if we are different, we are unique. The only thing is what really has value. "

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