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Street show and unconventional spaces:  18 minutes.

Coming soon scenic version: 55 minutes.


ROJO was premiered at the  One Small Step Festival in Corfu – Greece on july 28,  2018.

The spanish premiere was at the Festival La Espiral Contemporánea in Santander on september 6, 2018 where receives the Best Performer Award.

ROJO is a project that poses the body as the first field of encounter with us, with the world, as a space of thought, producer of units of sensation, of concepts, of pleasure, our bodies in chaos, our bodies as bridges, reflecting on our contexts, I am interested in finding myself in the difference, in the disagreement, in the dissonant, becoming the creation from the body, from the vital movement . It's a philosophical project because the scene is Philosophy and the body too, I think the scene demands you totality..

Original Idea and concept

Victoria P. Miranda

Choreography and performer

Victoria P. Miranda


Choreography assistant

Carmen Werner



Matías Zanotti and Victoria P. Miranda






Giannis Dimitras Street Photography and Soledad&Nel Photography


Graphic Design

Manu Lago

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